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FIBC / Big Bags / Bulk Bags / Jumbo Bags

A Jumbo Bag (or so called FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) is a big container used for storing and shipping various types of products in the forms of article, powder, or whole; for example, cement, sand, fertilizer, PET resin, etc.

It is woven by Polypropylene (PP) threads and has changeable sizes according to product types carried inside.

SWL (safe working load) ranges from 500Kg to 2000Kg or above. The shipping and loading of jumbo bags is done with pallets or lifting loops sewn on the bags designed for this purpose. Depending on customers' demand, a jumbo bag might have one, two, three or four lifts. Discharging the contents in the bag is made easy using a discharge spout especially designed on the bottom of the bag, or you can just simply cut the bag open.

An optional liner (LDPE) can be inserted in a jumbo bag to protect the contents inside from moisture or damage, or we can do the same with PP laminated fabrics instead

FIBC Bag for Packing Activated Carbon Powder Packing

This bags widely used for packing Activated Carbon and other Carbon Packing.

1 TON JUMBO Bag for Chromites Sand Packing

3. Big Bag for Packing Agri Products like Fertilizers.

Big Bag Used For food Grains.

Jumbo Bag for Coco Peat and Coir Packing.

Jumbo Bags For Packing for Ferro Sand and Iron Pigments Packing

Jumbo bags widely used for Quartz Stone packing for Export Purpose.

Full Lifting Loops with Stevedore Handling Big Bags

Q Bags / Baffle bags

Ventilated Bags for Packing Vegetables. Like onion, potato

C Type Bags – Conductive Bags

Garden Bags

Starch Powder Packing Jumbo Bags

Builders Bags for packing Builders Materials like sand, Blue Metals, Cement and etc..

Israel Sand Bag for Packing 500 Kgs sand.

Jumbo Bags for Packing Salt.

Skip Bags or Tunnel Lifting Bags.

Jumbo Bags for Plastic Granules Packing.